ASP Books Make Perfect Gifts!

ASP books make perfect gifts for any time of year!

Our boutique approach to book-making means that each title is published on fine deckle-edged paper, with elegant French-fold covers, and exquisite, original interior and exterior design. We want our books to look, feel, and be as artful as stories, poems, or essays they contain. And that makes them perfect holiday gifts.

This year, why not give a Legacy gift to the book-lovers on your list? ASP’s Legacy series is devoted to career-spanning collections from writers who meet the following three criteria: The majority of their books have been published by independent presses; they are active in more than one literary genre; and they are consistent and influential champions of the work of other writers, whether through publishing, reviewing, teaching, mentoring, or some combination of these. Modelled after the “readers” popular in academia in the mid-20th centuries, our Legacy Series allows readers to trace the arc of a significant writer’s literary development in a single, representative volume.

Grace Cavalieri and Richard Peabody have, indeed, each established a legacy of both great writing and great mentoring. Other Voices, Other Lives: A Grace Cavalieri Collection, contains selections drawn from 40 years of Cavalieri’s poetry and playwriting, and as well as excerpts from her legendary radio program, “The Poet & the Poem.” The Richard Peabody Reader is a career-spanning selection of Peabody’s poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, including the complete text of his novella, “Sugar Mountain.” Either one would make a great gift for the literature lovers on your list! And all of our titles are distributed internationally, so you can order from online vendors or from your favorite indie bookstore. Happy reading!