Featured Audio: “I’m in Love with the Morton Salt Girl,” a poem by Richard Peabody

Richard Peabody Reads “I’m in Love with the Morton Salt Girl”

Peabody’s aesthetic is all-embracing – strands of punk, beat, experimental, feminist, and political protest literary influences blend with the purely romantic to create a body of work that is both profound and pleasing.  Eckleburg Book Club

Morton Salt Girl is original Peabody. Creative, daring, and irreverent. His delivery on this recording is so sure you may conflate the poem with a yarn by Ronsard or Nash—though, a comparison wouldn’t be far-fetched. But be assured, this sure person, somewhere compressed between humor, tragedy, and the romance thereof, is all Richard Peabody.

Hear Richard Read “I’m in Love with the Morton Salt Girl”

I’m In Love with the Morton Salt Girl

The Richard Peabody Reader by Richard Peabody (cover)

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