Featured Audio: “Work is My Secret Lover,” a poem by Grace Cavalieri

Grace Cavalieri Reads, “Work is My Secret Lover”

The poet Grace Cavalieri is a truly generous friend of poetry and poets. In her writing and all she does her large-minded generosity shines. Robert Pinsky

Grace Cavalieri (Poet and the Poem)

Grace Cavalieri reads poetry just as though she were speaking then with Pinsky, Dove, or Solari, and she speaks just like she were reading you a poem– with some verses left blank you ought to fill in yourself. In “Work is My Secret Lover” you meet a Grace who is excited to tell you about what she is hiding from you, about how, even now as you talk, she is observing, listening, feeling other voices and other lives. Even in the midst of these very loudest moments, she whispers, I am making poetry.

Hear Grace read “Work is my Secret Lover”

Other Voices, Other Lives by Grace Cavalieri (cover)
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