Joanna Biggar’s “Thoughts on Books and Such”

Joanna Biggar’s “Thoughts on Books and Such”

“It’s a given nowadays that at some point in our distant ancestral past, bipedal and no doubt hirsute forebears marched out of Africa. Thousands of years later, mine showed up in Northern Europe, from whence they sailed to North America only hundreds of years ago—hardly a blink in the continuum of time.

But in the millennia between the African exodus and their establishment in the British Isles and Northern France, where were they? What were they doing?

I have no idea in specific terms. But in general terms, the limestone rocks and caves of Southern France offer rich clues to our passage from nomadic early humans to our present, early 21st century version of Homo sapiens sapiens—Sapiens for short.”

“Such,” I believe is the operative word when talking of Joanna Biggar’s travel and literary blog, “Thoughts on Books and Such.” The above paragraph is taken from a 2017 entry where Joanna documents her tours of archaeological sites in Southern France. The full article is certainly beautiful, just as is the fiction of Joanna Biggar, and gives one a taste of what is to come from the Wanderland Writers and, especially, from her new novel, Melanie’s Song.

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