Reuben Jackson Narrating Graphic Novel “March” for MLK inspired Concert

Reuben Jackson Narrating Graphic Novel “March” for MLK inspired Concert

VYOA rehearsing with Klemme at the Elley-Long Music Center
On January 20th Reuben Jackson will be reading March: Book One by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin for a performance of the Vermont Youth Orchestra entitled
“Beyond the Frame — Depictions of a Dream” and heavily inspired by the life and work of Dr. King (Pictured: The Vermont Youth Orchestra and director Benjamin Klemme)

In-house ASP wordsmith and noted Jazz Scholar, Reuben Jackson, will be narrating March: Book One, written in part by sitting Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, for the Vermont Youth Orchestra’s celebratory performance of Duke Ellington’s Three Black Kings (which includes an ode to MLK) and Antonin Dvorak’s New World Symphony (which takes inspiration from African American spirituals).

Amy Lilly wrote beautifully on the subject over on Seven Days an independent journal in Vermont. You can check out her article HERE which goes into much more depth on the significance behind Reuben’s reading and the musical performance.

Jackson hosting Friday Night Jazz

Reuben Jackson is the former voice of Jazz radio in Vermont but has since relocated to Washington, D.C. His new collection of poetry, following up the critically lauded fingering the keys, is Scattered Clouds due out from ASP this coming autumn.