Current ASP & SFWP Titles

  • Melanie’s Song


    The latest novel from Joanna Biggar. Set in the era of Woodstock and Watergate, Melanie's Song centers on a young woman’s mysterious disappearance, and on her friend's determined search for her. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER FROM ASP et al.

  • Navigating the Divide


    Linda Watanabe McFerrin's new book, Navigating the Divide, is to be the third entry in the ASP Legacy Series. It is due to release on October 1st, 2019. NTD is a compendium of the best poetry, prose, and non-fiction writing from the stellar career of Linda Watanabe McFerrin. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER FROM ASP et al.

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  • Reuben Jackson's Scattered Clouds Cover

    scattered clouds


    Scattered Clouds is the second poetry collection from jazz scholar, Reuben Jackson. It includes the full text of his first collection, fingering the keys, which Joseph Brodsky selected for the Columbia Award in 1991, and an entire collection of new poetry including his famous Amir poems. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER FROM ASP et al.

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  • OVOL cover w/laureate seal

    Other Voices, Other Lives


    Other Voices, Other Lives: A Grace Cavalieri Collection is a selection of poems, plays, and interviews drawn from over forty years of work by one of America’s most beloved and influential women of letters. The author of 23 books of poetry and 26 produced plays, and the founder of the legendary radio interview program, The […]

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  • Chaos Theories by Elizabeth Hazen (cover)

    Chaos Theories


    The poems in Elizabeth Hazen’s debut collection, Chaos Theories, spring from a unique fusion of science and art in the writer’s heart and mind. In these elegant and often elegiac poems, Hazen explores how our lives, despite our best intentions, can spiral out of control, forcing us to wrest meaning from our own mistakes.

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  • The Richard Peabody Reader by Richard Peabody (cover)

    The Richard Peabody Reader


    The Richard Peabody Reader is a wide-ranging selection of this great writer’s poetry and prose, filling an important gap in the literary world. As a publisher, Peabody’s steadfast dedication to that which is new, challenging, innovative and dynamic has won him a wide reputation among writers whose work he has championed.

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  • Roughnecks by James J Patterson (cover)



    A tale of trial, risk, sacrifice, and self-discovery, Roughnecks takes its place in the tradition of American literary quest fiction. Is Zachary Harper an Ishmael or a Sal Paradise? A Jay Gatsby or a Huck Finn? Whoever he might be, he seeks self-knowledge, awareness, and authenticity. He will find it on an oil rig, in the Williston basin. Throwing chain.

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  • The Last Girl by Rose Solari (cover)

    The Last Girl


    A shimmering girl who disappears in daylight. A boy who goes to war and comes back forever broken. New landscapes in which old ghosts appear, telling their stories. Such are the people, places, and images that fill Rose Solari’s third collection of poetry, The Last Girl.

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  • A Secret Woman


    Blurring the boundaries between past and present, between the body and the spirit, between female and male, this page-turning mystery is a sexy romp through time and space, a profound meditation on the mother-daughter connection, and an enlightening exploration of what it means to make love, to make art, and to make a life worth living.

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  • Orpheus in the Park


    Rose Solari’s second full-length collection of poems is made up of two different yet intertwining strands. In one, Solari explores a variety of myths, climbing beneath the skin of classical heroes and villains to offer contemporary perspectives on these characters and their tales. The other strand consists of poems of celebration and farewell, written for […]

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  • Difficult Weather by Rose Solari (cover)

    Difficult Weather


    This new edition of the first full-length collection of poems by Rose Solari provides an important window into the origins and early influences of this now-established poet and novelist. Though most of these poems are set in Washington, DC, and its less affluent suburbs, their lyrical, often elegiac depictions of family and neighborhood life, first love and first losses, will be sure to touch anyone who, like Solari, grew up in a place “more interesting than safe.”

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  • Bermuda Shorts by James J Patterson (cover)

    Bermuda Shorts


    In clothing, Bermuda shorts are a kind of casual formal wear – and in this collection of essays, Bermuda Shorts is the perfect metaphor for James J. Patterson’s fundamentally serious but playful literary style.

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  • Billy Christmas by Mark A Pritchard (cover)

    Billy Christmas


    Billy Christmas is a boy with a man’s problems. Since his father disappeared mysteriously last Christmas, Billy’s mom has withdrawn into her grief, neglecting him and everything else. Twelve days before Christmas, Billy is given a magical challenge, a series of twelve difficult and dangerous tasks. If he completes them all, his dream of being reunited with his missing dad might come true.

  • Patagonian Road: A Year Alone Through Latin America


    by Kate McCahill Spanning four seasons, ten countries, three teaching jobs, and countless buses, Patagonian Road: A Year Alone Through Latin America chronicles Kate McCahill’s solo journey from Guatemala to Argentina. In her struggles with language, romance, culture, service, and homesickness, she personifies a growing culture of women for whom travel is not a path to love but […]

  • That Paris Year


    In 1962, five young women set off from California to spend their junior year abroad at the famous Sorbonne. What they get is an education of an entirely different order. Set in the months leading up to the Kennedy assassination, That Paris Year captures a particular time in history, just before the dawn of the sexual revolution, when women — and men — were re-evaluating their place in the world around them, re-examining the demands of family, society, and self.

  • By Way of Water


    By Charlotte Gullick A unique look at the Jehovah Witnesses in the rural western United States and the logging industry in Northern California during the 1970s, By Way of Water addresses the devastating effects of poverty on rural families. Struggling to feed their children in an unforgiving California forest when there are no logging jobs to be […]

  • Smoking Cigarettes, Eating Glass: A Psychologist’s Memoir


    by Dr. Annita Perez Sawyer What would lead a lively, high-achieving teenager to shrivel into a dark, inaudible wraith dedicated to her own destruction? How would she survive? How might healing happen? Dr. Annita Sawyer’s memoir is a harrowing, heroic, and redeeming story of her battle with mental illness, and her triumph in overcoming it. In […]

  • Dissonance


    by Lisa Lenard-Cook When Anna Kramer, a Los Alamos piano teacher, inherits the journals and scores of composer Hana Weissova, she is mystified by this bequest from a woman she does not know. Hana’s music, however, soon begins to uncover forgotten emotions, while her journals, which begin in 1945 after she is released from a […]

  • Muscle Cars


    by Stephen G Eoannou The stories in Muscle Cars explore the unique and sometimes flawed relationships between men, their families, and their friends. Featuring a diverse cast of inarticulate misfits—including a compulsive body builder obsessed by the death of his brother; a former boxer forced to sell his prized 1946 New York Yankees autographed baseball; and two boyhood […]