Featured Audio: “Jesse Lancaster Remembers,” a reading by James J. Patterson

James J. Patterson reads “Jesse Lancaster Remembers” from Roughnecks

“[Reading James J Patterson] is like sitting down with a very intelligent friend and having the kind of conversation you’d always wanted to have.” Myra Sklarew

In his readings, James J. Patterson gives every character a voice of their own. Consummate thespian and raconteur, not only is he a great modulator of voice, but sonorous and entrancing even in those moments most quietly intimate: internal dialogue. Listen to how James, filling the rough-hewn Jesse Lancaster, is master of every breath, articulation, and expression, the resultant being a specific, discernible, and symbiotic relationship between author and character. Yes, all of Roughnecks is this good.

Hear James J. Patterson Read “Jesse Lancaster Remembers”

Jesse Lancaster Remembers

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