Featured Audio: “Achilles on Shore,” a reading by Rose Solari

Rose Solari reads “Achilles on Shore”

“No one reads poetry like Rose Solari. She enters the essence of each word with a voice, making meaning become spirit. I think her great gift is the understanding that language can make you feel what the speaker experiences…so she proceeds to make you feel her passion, her wit, and love.”¬†Grace Cavalieri

Rose Solari’s¬†upcoming poetry workshop at Politics & Prose is titled “Revise, Rethink, Reveal.” “Rethink” holding, for Rose, an essential place in the poetic process. It makes sense then why she would gravitate toward poems about myth and family. Here we find unique ensembles of characters subdividing into single beings, into single moments, and given to endless recastings, endless refittings, endless revisions, and endless rethinkings. Her poems on myth in this way are not myth at all, but treat characters and moments with all the archetypal gravity we ascribe to myth, and all the oracular importance we associate with it.

Hear Rose read “Achilles on Shore”

Achilles on Shore

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