The First Indian Poet to Record Poems for the Library of Congress

First Indian Poet to Record Poems for The Library of Congress

to be interviewed by Grace Cavalieri for “The Poet and the Poem”

Abhay K.Abhay K. is set to be the first Indian National to record poems for the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. The SAARC award winner is known as the premier literary flag-bearer of contemporary Indian poetry. He has published several collections including the acclaimed work The Seduction of Delhi. We are excited to announce that, during his visit, Abhay K. will be interviewed by Grace Cavalieri for her radio show “The Poet and The Poem.” Mr. K. will join the ranks of many great poets who have appeared on Grace’s show throughout it’s 40 year history: those like Robert Pinsky, Donald Hall, Rita Dove, Eva Brann, and ASP’s Richard peabody and Rose Solari.

(For a lot more on the The Poet and The Poem see here)

Here’s to Mr. K. from ASP! Welcome!

During his DC visit, Abhay K. is also to read at Politics and Prose and Busboys and Poets.

The interview will take place on October 1st, 2018, and will be available online 1 week after.

Praise for Abhay K.

“The geographies, both material and spiritual, of Nepal, the pinnacle of our world, have never been more lovingly rendered than in this, Abhay K’s splendid poetic sequence of praise, dazzlement, and wonder for a realm in which he sojourned as both a pilgrim and a friend.”—Vijay Seshadri, Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

“Abhay K’s poems serve up a Delhi, resplendent with character, torn asunder by marauders, patch-worked back several times with belief and faith – and above all saturated through with the touch of time and history.”

—The Times of India 

“Abhay K.’s words don’t sit outside and observe. They dig in, making their subject their home, and then they turn outwards, watching the landscape, the people, the city, change. The city makes him feel, and these feelings seep into his words.” 
—The Hindu